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Dead in Desemboque

Dead in Desemboque

Historias de Amor y Sangre

Eddy Arellano

Illustrated by William Schaff, Richard Schuler & Alec Thibodeau

Sold at every corner newsstand and in every village bodega, pocket-sized comic books called historietas have been wildly popular for many decades among readers of all ages in Mexico, whose comic book industry produces dozens of pulp titles with circulations in the tens of millions every month.InĀ Dead in Desemboque, Hispanic novelist and indie musician Eddy Robert Arellano, collaborating with three gritty American artists, has also written the first historieta in Spanglish, accessible to all ages and all cultures.

When a dama named Juanita calls him down to Sonora, Eddy rides across the Rio Bravo and never looks back. He expects to come up against brawls, rustlers of his dogs, and even the sadistic Amazon. But on his first day in Mexico, with the cacti in flower and the snakes far away in their summer bowers, nobody could have convinced Eddy that, at the end of many ugly and erotic encounters along dusty roads full perils, he would end up…


Eddy Robert Arellanolives in Dixon, New Mexico. As Bobby Rabyd, he created the internet’s first interactive novel, Sunshine ’69. Robert has taught at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe and is currently the head of the Academy of Literacy & Cultural Studies at the University of New Mexico – Taos. He produces tracks and tours with his freak Latino music project Havanarama.William Schaff is a wreck. That said, he manages to create lots of artwork for different folks, from the likes of the fine author of this book to album art for Okkervil River, Songs: Ohia, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and many more. Working hard at avoiding debt collectors and making as much art as possible before they catch up with him, this fine artist is just trying to keep his car insured, and his dog fed. God bless you, William Schaff!

Richard Schuler is a comix artist who works professionally as an industrial designer. His recent projects include the illustrated suspense tale, “Downey Garage” as well as design and building of lighting and furniture objects. He makes his home in Long Beach, CA.

Alec Thibodeau works primarily in the medium of screenprinting, producing multicolored pieces from original drawings. His work includes editioned prints, experimental currency and a book about the effects of war on wild birds.

Paper | 7″ x 9″ | 120 pgs. | ISBN: 0-9796636-4-4 | List: $15.95 | 06/1/2008

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