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An Apple A Day

At the age of 32, after ten years of hiding from the truth, Emma Woolf finally decided it was time to face the biggest challenge of her life.

Lost in the Supermarket

Lost in the Supermarket: An Indie Rock Cookbook Kay Bozich Owens and Lynn Owens Music and food are two key elements to a full and complete life. Whatever power their solo projects hold, however, music and food tap a similar vein as a certain peanut butter cup: they are two great tastes that taste great together. More importantly, music and food are significant defining qualities. Just ask any sociologist or...

Please Feed Me

Please Feed Me A Vegan Punk Cookbook Niall McGuirk The question is whether or not PLEASE FEED ME is a.) a vegan cookbook, b.) a punk chronology or c.) an amalgam of both. If Niall McGuirk, former spearhead of Dublin’s Hope collective, intended on creating a strict cookbook of lasting merit, then Please Feed Me is a dud. I know it’s not meant entirely seriously, but recipes for a “bread...

The Ethical Butcher

Berlin Reed is “The Ethical Butcher,” a former self-described militant vegan punk who grudgingly took a job as a butcher’s apprentice in Brooklyn when he could find no other work.

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