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51 / 50

51/50 The Magical Adventures of a Single Life Kristen McGuiness That was the social experiment Kristen McGuiness—single, living in LA, and entering her thirties newly sober—embarked upon. McGuiness thought facing her struggle with alcoholism would be the hardest part, with love coming easily afterwards. It didn’t. Rethinking her previous dating strategy—have a one-night stand with one of her friends and never...

Box Girl

When 22-year-old Lilibet Snellings moved to Los Angeles on a whim, she unintentionally became a “slash” to keep her head above water—a writer/waitress/actress/Box Girl. One night each week, Lilibet would go to The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood, don a pair of white boy shorts with a matching tank, touch up her lip gloss, and crawl into a giant glass case behind the front desk.

Daily Negations

Daily Negations John S. Hall Like many self-help books, Daily Negations can be kept by the toilet and read each morning or evening, depending on your personal habits. Or it could be kept by the bed, or incorporated into one’s daily prayer or meditation routine. The book serves at least two functions. First, Daily Negations will show people who have a negative outlook on life that they are not alone....

Everyone Says that at the End of the World

Earth is the mental asylum of the universe and humans are the incurable inmates. Now the asylum is being shut down! Everyone Says That at the End of the World traces the adventures of a ghost-haunted slacker couple expecting their first child, an outrageously arrogant television actor seeking redemption and a prophetic hermit crab on a cross-country quest as they struggle to survive the final four days of life on Earth.

Fight Song

When his bicycle is intentionally run off the road by a neighbor’s SUV, something snaps in Bob Coffin. Modern suburban life has been getting him down and this is the last straw. To avoid following in his own father’s missteps, Bob is suddenly desperate to reconnect with his wife and his distant, distracted children. And he’s looking for any guidance he can get.

Get Your War On

Get Your War On The Definitive Account of the War on Terror, 2001-2008 David Rees Introduction by Matt Taibbi In the aftermath of 9/11, when experts and citizens rallied behind President George W. Bush and his worldwide “War on Terror,” a scrappy internet comic called “bullshit” on the whole undertaking and never looked back. It’s taken years for conventional wisdom to catch up to Get...

Girls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls Will Be…

Girls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls Be… Jacinta Bunnell & Irit Reinheimer The antithesis of the “Dick and Jane” coloring book, Girls Will be Boys Will be Girls is a funny and provocative deconstruction of traditional gender roles. 32 original illustrations with captions like “Calvin, baking is fun and all, but we can make a rad drum set out of these pots and bowls” and...

God’s Doodle

Throughout history, man has revered his penis as his “most precious ornament.” From small to large, thick to thin, smooth to wrinkled, Hickman lets the history of this mystery hangout for all to see. It is a stiff subject, but we easily settle in with the likes of Bill Clinton, Michelangelo’s David, and Shakespeare as they followed their heads. With precious detail given to precious material, if you were to wrap your hands around anything less than two-inches thick, it should be God’s Doodle.

How Best to Avoid Dying

In this devilishly clever collection of short fiction, renowned humorist Owen Egerton leads us on a wildly surprising, darkly comic, and often heart-wrenching ride into the terrible beauty of life’s end. With razor wit and compassionate insight, Egerton has a crafted a work that brilliantly explores the pain and wonder of life, knowing that with the turn of any corner death could be panhandling for your soul.

How to Be Inappropriate

How to Be Inappropriate Daniel Nester Dry, offbeat, and mostly profane, this debut collection of humorous nonfiction glorifies all things inappropriate and TMI. A compendia of probing essays, lists, profiles, barstool rants, queries, pedantic footnotes, play scripts, commonplace miscellany, and overly revealing memoir, How to Be Inappropriate adds up to the portrait of an artist who bumbles through life obsessed...

In Violet’s Wake

When Marshall VanDahmm’s wife Violet, married four times previously, informs him that she’s divorcing him, he promptly falls apart. She refuses to offer a reason for the divorce, and Marshall is utterly confused. Out of anger and desperation, he seeks out one of Violet’s exes, Costa Pavlos, with whom he’s convinced she’s been having an affair. Despite a rocky introduction, Marshall and Costa form a tentative friendship, and together they seek out Violet’s other exes.

Iris Has Free Time

The end of youth:
when childhood
is behind you,
and adulthood
remains just
out of reach

Love All the People

Love All the People: The Essential Bill Hicks Bill Hicks In 1993, not long after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, controversial comedian Bill Hicks found his final, scathing appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman abruptly excised at network demand. Months later, at age 32, he was dead. Hicks could have been on all the chat shows. He could have had his own show on prime time. He could have got rich...

My Dog Ate My Nobel Prize

My Dog Ate My Nobel Prize: The Fabricated Memoirs of Jeff Martin Jeff Martin Jeff Martin was born in 1980. Jeff Martin made millions on the stock market. Jeff Martin lost millions on the stock market. Jeff Martin stopped a Chinese tank at Tiananmen Square. Jeff Martin managed Michael Dukakis’s 1988 presidential campaign. Jeff Martin cowrote Aliens 2: More Aliens with James Cameron. Jeff Martin had a torrid and...

People Park

It’s the Silver Jubilee of People Park, an urban experiment conceived by a radical mayor and zealously policed by the testosterone-powered New Fraternal League of Men. To celebrate, the insular island city has engaged the illustrator Raven, who promises to deliver the most astonishing spectacle its residents have ever seen. As the entire island comes together for the event, we meet an unforgettable cross-section of its inhabitants, from activists to nihilists, art stars to athletes, families to inveterate loners. Soon, however, what has promised to be a triumph of civic harmony begins to reveal its shadow side.

Rebels Wit Attitude

Rebels Wit Attitude: Subversive Rock Humorists Iain Ellis In Rebels Wit Attitude, music writer and professor Iain Ellis throws a spotlight on the history of humor as a weapon of anti-establishment rebellion, paying tribute to the great rebel humorists in American rock history and investigating comedy and laughter as the catalyst and main expressive force in these artists’ work. The performers who are the subject of...

The Customer is Always Wrong

The Customer is Always Wrong Edited by Jeff Martin Listen to Jeff Martin talk about retail on NPR’s All Things Considered From Mom and Pop general stores to huge chains, it is impossible to think of American experience without thinking about the buying/selling culture that is retail. It is almost a rite of passage to pay your dues in a retail environment. The Customer Is Always Wrong: The Retail Chronicles is...

The Full Ridiculous

Equal parts hilarious and painful, this compelling novel delves into the difficulties of family, love, and the precarious business of being a man. Mark Lamprell’s extraordinary debut examines the terrible truth: sometimes you can’t pull yourself together until you’ve completely fallen apart.

The Intelligent Design Coloring Book

The Intelligent Design Coloring Book Pastor Brett Pirkle A child’s life is full of both joys and challenges—the infinite wonder of learning, the literal and figurative scraped knees of everyday life, and, of course, deep, penetrating theological terror.  That’s why Pastor Brett of the Mega-Pheasant Heights Assembly Church has created an activity book that will divert those long lazy hours of idle youth into a...

Too Much Crazy

Too Much Crazy By Tom Tomorrow Tom Tomorrow’s This Modern World has been hailed as “one of the most clever and incisive political cartoons in the country” (Los Angeles Times). For twenty years, Tomorrow’s sharply funny and fiercely intelligent commentary has been a beacon of much-needed satire in the often-bleak world of media news. Recently, as a regular feature in weekly papers nationwide as well as online, This...

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