“Whenever a new Sam Pink novel lands on my hands, I start coming up with excuses for the appointments I’ll either be late for or simply miss. Pink’s work is always original and entertaining, the kind of literature for which the clichéd and utterly unattractive term “unputdownable” was invented. Rontel, his latest release with Lazy Fascist Press, is no different, except for the fact that it turned me into the guy on the bus who seems to be laughing at some internal joke.”

Those words were published in February of 2013. That’s half a decade ago.

Nothing has changed. Pink keeps putting out books and I keep putting everything aside to devour them. Why? Because reading Sam Pink is entering a world where humor and absurdity constantly collide with depression and the underlying violence/violent urges hidden in everyday life. Pink can make you laugh, cringe, and delve into a philosophical rabbit hole, sometimes all within the same paragraph. His short, sharp prose and his straightforward, bizarre poetry are amazing when it comes to teaching readers about voice. Simply put, no one sounds like Pink. Now that there is a new book coming (a double book!), I thought it’d be a great time to celebrate the universe he has created (if he wrote genre fiction, fans would surely be talking about the Pink Mythos by now) and to talk about some of my favorite Pink books.

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