Kris Saknussemm


KRIS SAKNUSSEMM’s books include the poetry collection In the Name of the Father, the novels Enigmatic Pilot, Zanesville, and Private Midnight, and a portfolio book of his paintings titled The Colors of Compulsion. Saknussemm lives in Las Vegas, NV.

Latest Book

Sea Monkeys

by Kris Saknussemm

It's immediately evident that we’re dealing with a poet who’s operating in a sublimely blurred space between poetry and prose…The autobiographical sketches that cover the author’s early adult years are full of the sort of boozing, drugging and sexcapades one would naturally expect from an alcoholic preacher’s son. Highlights from these years include the author’s stint as a soul radio DJ (“Mr. Very Late Night”) and a Henry Miller–esque romp through Saknussemm’s many sexual conquests as a randy college professor. A wonderfully warped grab bag of memories from a wilder and weirder time." —Kirkus —

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