R.O. Kwon: I love that, about the right to be afraid—I’ve never heard that as a reason to seek out horror, but it makes sense.

Colin Winnette: Fairy tales can be their own kind of horror stories. They also have this straightforward way of presenting the cruelty human beings are capable of, alongside the beautiful surprises the world has to offer. I’ve always loved them, and, in my fiction, I aspire to their ability to feel at once matter-of-fact and grand, whimsical and urgent. Crime thrillers, on the other hand, are ripe for exploring a kind of ambiguity that I live in and love. They’re so often concerned with the promise of resolution in the face of unspeakable wrongs, which is something I both desire and doubt. Another way of thinking about it is that, to me, the form of the project is as important as the overall effect of any sentence, and who wants to keep using the same type of sentence over and over again?

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