‘Couldn’t you throw this stuff away somewhere else?’ Louis asked her, scooping chunks of foul-smelling paper pulp from the kitchen drain. He pulled out a long, thick strip of blue-and-brown paper. ‘What is this, a shopping bag from the mall?’

‘I just used it to carry my other trash in. Jesus, it’s not like I was shopping at the mall.’

He stared at her, dangling the wet strip. ‘You brought home a random bag from a fast-fashion store, which you only used to carry your other trash in, and you put it down our drain.’

‘Yes, that’s what I did. I used the bag. Ergo, it’s part of my waste output.’

He frowned. ‘I think the waste thing only applies when you’re at home on the mountain.’

‘No, I don’t think it’s spatial. It’s about what you waste in your whole life, as a human consumer. The whole point is to cancel us out completely.’ She realized she was clasping her hands earnestly. Without meaning to, she glanced up toward where she knew the camera was, nestled above the cabinets.

‘Right, that’s what it says on the website. But everyone knows we’re just supposed to be making it seem like the house works. We’re trying to prove that it’s possible to live sustainably and not be such a freak about it. Which means not carrying your trash around everywhere.’

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