“I think fiction is as true as any other form of art. I can use characters to be and do and show the consciousness of a period, and have them completely involved in the world outside them, and it affects them of course, both consciously and unconsciously. Writing a character gives me a chance to explore things that I think about, or don’t think about, or think that others think about. I don’t have to agree with everything, I’m creating something other than myself. I think fiction is incredibly important, because without it we can’t think our way through or past a present that may be awful.

The problem with journalism, sometimes, is that it wants to speak about groups of people, and the notion that there are individuals inside, who make up all of these groups, and they have differences from each other, gets lost. I mean I don’t want to speak of the best journalism, but I think that’s a problem in most journalism.”


Lynne Tillman in conversation with AnOther Magazine‘s Holly Connolly on her novel Men and Apparitions. Read the full interview here.

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