Some of my most transformative experiences, or some of the closest I feel I’ve ever [come to] touch a feeling of flow or alternative realities or possibilities, have all come from reading books. I am definitely a language lover — I started off in poetry, and poetry is kind of the art of how to use [language], it’s a laboratory for all the different things that language on a micro level can do. I think I’ve taken that interest more into structure in larger projects. But I am definitely still fascinated by what can be done — but again, I don’t think you can really do it by trying to do it head-on. I think you just have to follow the content or the form of what you’re interested in. You can’t hide anything about the way you think in language, so I think that all the ways that you are customarily thinking or feeling or being when you’re not sitting down to write, they all emerge when you write. So I think that’s why it’s worthwhile to angle yourself toward the kind of thinker that you want to be in all spheres, because your habits of thought will come out in your language.

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