Rumpus: I try not to read all of your stories as autobiographical, but sometimes you just get that feeling, you know? Especially when your characters’ names are “Helizabeth” and “Hen.” What did you mean at the end of the first story when you wrote, “It’s still me. You know that, right? It’s always me.”

Crane: I think it’s a fair reading that that’s autobiographical . . . I mean, I haven’t lived through an apocalypse, but there might be sensibilities that I share. That neighborhood was based on my neighborhood in Brooklyn—that kind of thing. I think one reason I like fictionalizing these aspects of my life is because it’s more fun. It’s fun to take something real and then play with it.

Rumpus: Was the last story, “Notes for a Dad Story,” about your dad? 

Crane: Yes, that was definitely about my dad.

Read the full interview here.

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