Nightlife in Los Angeles unfolds very differently than it does in New York, despite abundant overlap in social circles and niches. The coasts are engaged in non-stop trade of their most creative people. Clubland hosts who make their name out east find their way here, relishing bigger venues, cheaper rents, and near-perfect weather. Rising actors and artists build their portfolios here and then book gigs in Manhattan. A New Yorker piece by Cirocco Dunlap hilariously describes the constant crisscrossing.

I, however, am staying put. (My initial thoughts about the NY-LA axis of fame are here.) Two weeks into my move, I have done a juice cleanse, use an outdoor gym, and have an even tan. The only places I wear pants instead of shorts are campus or clubs. At the outdoor train stop at Cal State, I spot little lizards scurrying around foliage instead of massive rats eating garbage.

With LA nightlife, the parameters are different. Parties here end at 2 AM instead of 4 AM. This means that the night really gets underway by 11 PM, while in New York most hosts don’t arrive at a venue until a little after midnight. Also, car services like Uber and Lyft are much cheaper, so despite the sprawl of Los Angeles, it’s not incredibly difficult to bounce from a lame Mid-Wilshire event and head to a DTLA party (at least for those of us who are careless and didn’t have to locate and pay for parking). Consistently warm weather means that patios, terraces, and rooftops stay open even in January. A light jacket or wrap might be needed but it’s still pleasant enough that you can sit outside when you need a break from a crowded bar or dance floor.

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