Cheryl Cohen-Greene


CHERYl COHEN-GREENE has been in private clinical practice as a surrogate partner and Consultant in Human Sexuality since 1973. She was trained in the Masters and Johnson modality and was on the training staff of San Francisco Sex Information for 19 years. Cohen-green is a certified Sex educator and Clinical Sexologist, and has her DHS (Doctor of Human Sexuality) from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. She is currently the Vice president of the International professional Surrogates Association and was one of the founders of the Bay Area Surrogates Association. Cohen-green is a frequent media guest, who has been interviewed on Larry King Live, The Discovery Channel, and CNN, among others.

Latest Book

An Intimate Life

by Lorna Garano & Cheryl Cohen-Greene

A rare look at a worthy and fascinating subject. At its core a love story, Cheryl Cohen Greene¹s memoir demystifies surrogacy and debunks its creaky myths with an empowering sense of dignity and truth. Raw, brave, touching and - above all - unflinchingly honest. — John Hawkes

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