Jill Talbot


JILL TALBOT is the author of Loaded: Women and Addiction, the co-editor of The Art of Friction: Where (Non) Fictions Come Together, and the editor of Metawritings: Toward a Theory of Nonfiction. One of her essays was named a Notable Essay in Best American Essays 2014 and her work has appeared in journals such as Brevity, DIAGRAM, Ecotone, The Paris Review Daily, The Pinch, The Rumpus, and Under the Sun.

Latest Book

The Way We Weren't

by Jill Talbot

To say that Jill Talbot steps into the controversial borderlands between fiction and non fiction with The Way We Weren't is a vast understatement. It is more like she plunges into them off the fifty-meter springboard, doing three somersaults and a half gainer on the way down. This gut wrenching tale of abandonment (though it is never perfect clear who was the abandoner, who the abandonee) makes us ask giant, soul-bending questions, like 'Does anyone ever know anyone?' and 'Are we always the creators of our own misery?' A brave story of one woman's fight to survive, most of all, her own proclivities. — Pam Houston, author of Contents May Have Shifted

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