Tom Hickman


God’s Doodle

The Life and Times of the Penis

You will be impotent with both laughter as you read this "remarkably entertaining and informative look at the male organ down through the ages . . . undeniably funny” (Booklist).

Throughout history, man has revered his penis as his “most precious ornament.” From small to large, thick to thin, smooth to wrinkled, Thomas Hickman lets the history of this mystery hang out for all to see. Offering discussion of ancient literatures and mathematical quandaries of possible positions, such as Greece’s “the lion on the cheese-grater,” which still keeps scholars in a twist. It is a stiff subject, but we easily settle in with the likes of Bill Clinton, Michelangelo’s David, and Shakespeare as they followed their heads. If you were to wrap your hands around anything less than two-inches, it should be God’s Doodle, a brilliant history of the penis that hits the topic right on the head. It reaches through time and looks at how the penis trended long before one was ever posted on Twitter.

“[A] well-researched, dryly witty and worthwhile read.” --Salon

“Tom Hickman tells the story of its ups and downs with enthusiasm and a mostly straight face.” --The Economist