In Violet’s Wake

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Book Description

When Marshall VanDahmm’s wife, Violet, married four times previously, informs him that she’s divorcing him, he promptly falls apart. She refuses to offer a reason for the divorce, and Marshall is utterly confused. Out of anger and desperation, he decides to seek out one of Violet’s exes, Costa Pavlos, with whom he’s convinced she’s been having an affair. Despite a rocky introduction, Marshall and Costa form a tentative friendship, and together they seek out Violet’s other exes.

It seems Marshall isn’t the only one Violet left on ambiguous terms. Now Marshall and Costa, with Owen, Brian and Tim have formed a renegade “support group” to work through the emotional, mental, and financial damage she’s left in her wake.

Enter Jake: Violet’s high school sweetheart and the one who got away. The men are befuddled by Violet’s pining over Jake—what does he have that they don’t? And then, inexplicably altruistically, can they track him down in time to save him from Violet? The group sets out on a road trip to find Jake before Violet can, and on the way forge new friendships, new loyalties, and find new sides of

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"A witty and insightful debut about the support group five ex-husbands form after their marriages to one alluring, albeit troubled, lady… A charming anti-romance."—Kirkus

"Deveraux-Nelson's debut novel…[is] a moving portrait of the neurotic fixations of unhappy lovers and the bonds they forget to overcome grief."—Publishers Weekly