No More Prisons

Urban Life, Homeschooling, Hip-Hop Leadership, the Cool Rich Kids Movement, a Hitchhiker's Guide to

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Book Description

A truly remarkable collection of activist writings across all topics and perspectives, all while recounting a personal evolution from idealistic urban wanderer to community organizer, from graffiti writer to renowned essayist.

Author William Upski Wimsatt delivers stories, strategies, suggestions, straight talk, and conversations with maverick activists. He advocates youth taking charge of their own education, whether it’s in or out of school, and promotes the power of young people engaging in philanthropy. A truly original treatise from the paradigm-flipping theorist of youth activism, No More Prisons goes beyond pinpointing problems to hone in on solutions, and declares that today’s youth is poised to surpass the activist efforts of the 1960s generation.

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