The Anxiety of Kalix the Werewolf

A Novel

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Book Description

Now eighteen, Scottish teenage werewolf Kalix MacRinnalch is settling in London, though she still struggles with anxiety, depression, and self-abuse. Her new friends support her – and all is fine until the Guild of Werewolf Hunters start picking off her clan, one by one.

Most of the Scottish Werewolf Clan have a very low opinion of Kalix Macrinnalch, youngest daughter of the Thane. There is little sympathy for her illiteracy, her substance abuse, her self-harming, her eating disorder, her anxiety and depression and her propensity for extreme violence. Safe from her clan in London, and living with two friendly students, she’s been much calmer. If only she were allowed to live quietly, she might get on top of her problems.

Unfortunately, that’s difficult for the young werewolf. She’s still the number one target for the werewolf hunters, and they’re stepping up their efforts to find her. And no matter how Kalix tries to make her life more normal, there will always come a time when, under threat, her insanity and battle-madness will descend on her, and the skinny young girl will again transform into the most feared and ferocious werewolf in the country.

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Praise For This Book

"Undeniably brilliant."--The Guardian

"The funniest writer in Britain today."--GQ

"Brixton's answer to Kurt Vonnegut."--Uncut

"Imagine Kurt Vonnegut reading Marvel Comics with The Clash thrashing in the background. For the deceptively simple poetry of the everyday, nobody does it better. Just check out . . . the Highlands-bred, New York Dolls-obsessed fairies for yourself."--The List (UK)