I wish I knew what millennial writer meant. I feel like if I were to describe something that way, I would mean a writer who finds it very important to be seen as cool, who is culturally/politically engaged, and probably incorporates social media experiences in their work. I wish millennials didn’t get so bogged down in the endless “millennials are killing Applebee’s” or “millennials are lazy” conversations, because millennials are actually super interesting and complicated. We were flung headfirst into computers and social media with no understanding of what it all meant. We were the first and probably (hopefully?) last generation to be fully tricked into believing college was an absolute necessity worth the astronomical tuition price just in time for the economy to tank. We constantly figure out new ways to use technology to support ourselves while robots take over reliable old-timey jobs. We’re more conscious than anyone of our impact on the environment. We make time to fight for social justice. And we do it all while being called lazy and shallow and entitled by people wrecking everything in their path. We’re a baller generation.

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