This job would probably be… fine, I thought, in regards to the dishwashing job advertised on Craigslist in the “food / bev / hosp” section, and quickly filled out the job application. The only requirement, it seemed, was to be 18 years or older. Not to brag, but I have never been more confident that I met a job requirement. I have been over the age of 18 for 13-plus years and consider myself an expert. I also have a higher-than-average capability in scraping food into the trash and also lack the dignity that might prevent other people from completing mindless tasks while being micromanaged by someone eight years younger than them. I felt fully prepared, and already a little bored, to accept my new job part-time dishwashing at a New England-themed chain restaurant for pay that would partially cover my monthly student loan payment. It wasn’t my dream job, it was leagues below even my backup dream job, but it was a job that existed and the application was easy to fill out. And that’s all I could really ask for.

I hadn’t even considered they might not want me.

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