Black N Blue Boys/Broken Men

by Dael Orlandersmith

List Price: $15.95
Paperback | 5.4 x 8, 108 pages | ISBN 9781593765323

Bold, beautiful and fierce-Dael Orlandersmith delivers a riveting story in Black n Blue Boys / Broken Men. This gritty play portrays five unforgettable male characters, linked by their efforts to forge identities in families fractured by abuse. Each relates a story that transforms these challenges into a celebration of our capacity to survive. Orlandersmith created this piece after working at a shelter for homeless youth in the 1980s, and her writing brings these characters roaring to life. At once powerful and heartbreakingly poetic, Black n Blue Boys/Broken Men will leave you breathless.

Orlandersmith, who riveted audiences with the Pulitzer-nominated Yellowman, lends this play such a piercing sense of honesty that it’s hard to believe it’s not documentary theater... There’s no shaking the intensity of the experience.

—San Jose Mercury News

The writing is fierce, uncompromising and alive with sharply observed, humanizing detail... The characterizations are indelible.

—San Francisco Chronicle

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