Everyone’s Pretty

A Novel

by Lydia Millet

List Price: $13.95
Paperback | 5 x 0.8 x 7.8 inches | ISBN 9781932360776

Dean Decetes, a pornographer with messianic delusions, spins out of control in Los Angeles, where he spends his time drinking himself into a stupor, getting beaten up by strangers he’s recklessly insulted, stealing credit cards to pay for sex, being arrested, begging favors, and mounting a PR campaign to make himself famous, with the help of a “loyal foot soldier” — a porn-loving midget he met in jail. Meanwhile his pious, romantic spinster sister, who reluctantly keeps house for him, busies herself writing quasi-religious love notes to the boss she worships at the statistics company where she works, and her co-workers—an obsessive-compulsive Christian Scientist in a twisted marriage and a promiscuous, depressed blond bomb-shell—become enmeshed in her life as she dreams of ridding herself of her freeloading brother and being carried away on a white horse by her employer. Next door, a teenage math genius runs away from home after her mother humiliates her in school and hooks up at a bar with Decetes’s suicidal editor. The story is told from five points of view—those of Decetes, his sister, the lonely blonde, the Christian scientist & the high school math genius—over three days which the five lives intersect.

Juggling an enormous cast of psychos, Everyone’s Pretty revels in its own religious chaos, the sexually crazed repeatedly clashing with the sexually pure . . . The book impressively teeters on the edge of total inanity, each scene becoming increasingly uncomfortable, then unraveling out of control.

—Village Voice

Beating through the pages of this strange little book is a lonely heart searching for intimacy in a crazy world.

—Entertainment Weekly

A kaleidoscopic new satire of America’s quietly freakish office workers . . . gives voice to a wide variety of life’s unbeautiful losers — and makes them sing for us.

—The Boston Globe

With a sharp eye for small details, a keen sense of the absurd and strong empathy for its creations, Everyone’s Pretty is both prism and truth.

—Sarah Weinman, Washington Post Book World

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