These juxtaposed novellas are about how any benumbed existence, any circumstantial grind, can backfire and produce a mind, despite the will of our petty culture, despite the domestication every act of love unwittingly employs. As the protagonist is transported between states cold and hot, from The Garbage Times to White Ibis, sport-fucked on the samurai sword of being hired anywhere, a splenetic ecstasy discloses itself as the eighteen-hour work day is traded for another uniform you still owe on (the lucrative idea that only pussies opine on such matters, even to themselves, even to the revolt of a page – maybe take a selfie holding some slogan-scribbled placard for the prettier reward of a like) – an enlightenment which can only provoke genius, once the bacterial swarm Edward Bunker’s toothbrush spot-cleaned into immortality skunks the whole concept. Notice, in this short excerpt, the panoply morphing from: ironic, anachronistic idiom to the grammar of the modern sentegraph, underlined by the autocorrecting despondency of some inverse self-help mantras made popular online:

Loop high that bag young man.

And be proud.

Comforted that you’re at least still needed and able.

Comforted that garbage always smells the same.

Like a promise.

Like an only friend.

Pink updated the palate (he’s an excellent painter as well), smearing a faddish alt chroma into his own idiosyncratically hard boiled detachment forged under threat of violence and in place of numbness, or with less novocaine piped in. Rather than the ubiquitous farces deeming everything slightly effortful too melodramatic (or lacking x,y,z – a single supposed flaw applied across the complex entirety of an art form for absurd, comedic impact), Pink advances a premise by inflating life on its own melodrama (his idiomatic transcripts of voices developing, then imbuing character in locations as diverse as a Chicago ghetto and rural Florida), a welcome and necessary deviation. These books conjoin readers with a hilarity freed forthright from the widespread gutter of any discouraging affiliations.

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