While this is your first technical work of nonfiction, I feel like your other books were pretty nonfictional as well.

I’m always thinking about something I am trying to work through. If I were to write about a relationship I had but make a sculpture, like an abstract sculpture, that’s kind of how I feel like my work is. It’s about something, but I’m not always representing that something literally. I’m trying to get my feelings across, but in a different way. Think of an abstract painting, like a splatter painting. The artist was working through some anger issue related to something specific. The artist could be like, “This is about my pain and my anger, my divorce,” or something like that. The audience could get pain and anger, but they really don’t know what it’s about specifically, because it’s not in the painting literally.

I really loved your perspective on millennials in your recent Los Angeles Review of Books interview. Can you talk a little more about our millennial predicament?

There’s pretty much nothing going in our favor, right? The economy is terrible, all the job markets are changing. We have to reinvent everything we’re doing. Every kind of job is being reinvented by us just to figure out how to make money. And we’re doing all this while we’re severely in debt, none of what we went to school for actually got us a job, it’s crazy. I really do think we’re doing a pretty good job, though. Not only are we taking care of ourselves, we’re worried about the environment and other people. We’re really taking the time to understand cultural problems and try to figure out how to start addressing them. We’re amazing.

Read the interview here.

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