NYLON: What was the genesis of this novel?

Wilk: It’s hard to remember. It’s been through many lives. But I think the genesis was personal frustration, which is a great reason to write any book. [laughs]

I was frustrated in personal relationships. I was frustrated with the city of Berlin. I was frustrated by the narrative surrounding the city and also my own position there, not really understanding what my life trajectory was looking like. Frustrated by the things we are all frustrated with, like capitalism, and frustrated by my job being a freelance art writer—not because I didn’t love what I was writing, but because the format was so restrictive. I felt like I wasn’t allowed to write about myself, and I wanted to indulge myself. [laughs]

NYLON: Indulgence is one of the main inspirations for good art, I think.

Wilk: Indulgence, revenge, jealousy. Love.

Read the full interview here.

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