Gruesome Playground Injuries; Animals Out of Paper; Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

Three Plays

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Book Description

Gathering together three major works of acclaimed playwright Rajiv Joseph, this collection features the Pulitzer Prize finalist, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, alongside the critically acclaimed Gruesome Playground Injuries and Animals Out of Paper

Gruesome Playground Injuries charts the intersection of two lives using scars, wounds, and calamity as the mile markers to explore why people hurt themselves to gain another’s love and what the cumulative effect is of such damage; Animals Out of Paper, a subtle, elegant, yet bracing examination of the artistic impulse and those in its thrall, follows a world-famous origamist as she becomes the unwitting mentor to a troubled young prodigy, even as she must deal with her own loss of inspiration; and Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, a darkly comedic drama that looks on as the lives of two American soldiers, an Iraqi translator, and a tiger intersect on the streets of Baghdad.

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