The Tale of Brin and Bent and Minno Marylebone


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Brin and Bent are poolkeepers at The House for the Grossly Infirm. Their days are spent abusing the House residents with bleach and chlorine, spying on them through holes they have drilled in the walls. They do not know that someone else comes to the pool at night: Minno Marylebone, a child like no other.

Pure and beautiful, every night the child enters the water and becomes celestial, laughing and riding the currents as the pool turns into a sea. Then one night Brin and Bent find the wax that has spilled from Minno’s candle and decide to lie in wait…

With this dark yet achingly beautiful tale, Ravi Thornton takes the graphic novel to a new level. The combination of her deft and masterful writing with the stunning artwork of Andy Hixon creates a wondrous and dark experience.

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"Thornton's ominous and horrifying fable of human evil and obsession is told through her lyrical and spellbinding prose; the haunting text is accompanied by Hixon's hallucinogenic collages of the macrocephalic, neotenous villains and victims in their hypnotically dreamlike surroundings. Reminiscent of the work of Dave McKean, Hixon's artwork is unsettling and beautiful at the same time, a compelling gothic horror that elicits intense unease while it compels the reader to continue. . . this wrenching and cathartic tale spears directly into the heart with barbed hooks."-Publishers Weekly(Starred)

"The Tale of Brin and Bent and Minno Marylebone by Ravi Thornton and Andy Hixon (Cape) - very unusual in terms of storytelling and visually fascinating, a combination of semi biographical with dark fairytale, the magical and wondrous with the perverse; new talents on the scene to watch for."--Joe Gordon, Forbidden Planet International