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The CIA’s Greatest Hits

Second Edition

List Price: $12.00

April 10, 2012 | Paperback | 4.1 x 7, 112 Pages | ISBN 9781593764395


The CIA’s Greatest Hits details how the CIA:

• hired top Nazi war criminals, shielded them from justice and learned — and used — their technique

• has been involved in assassinations, bombings, massacres, wars, death squads, drug trafficking, and rigged elections all over the world

• tortures children as young as 13 and adults as old as 89, resulting in forced “confessions” to all sorts of imaginary crimes (an innocent Kuwaiti was tortured for months to make him keep repeating his initial lies, and a supposed al-Qaeda leader was waterboarded 187 times in a single month without producing a speck of useful information)

• orchestrates the media — which one CIA deputy director liked to call “the mighty Wurlitzer” — and places its agents inside newspapers, magazines and book publishers

• and much more.

The CIA’s crimes continue unabated, and unpunished. The day before General David Petraeus took over as the twentieth CIA director, federal prosecutors announced that they were dropping 99 investigations into the deaths of people in CIA custody, leaving just two active cases they’re willing to pursue.

The first edition of The CIA’s Greatest Hits sold more than 38,000 copies. This fully revised and updated second edition contains six completely new chapters.

MARK ZEPEZAUER is an author and illustrator, and his previous books include Take the Rich Off WelfareBoomerang! How Our Covert Wars Have Created Enemies Across the Middle East and Brought Terror to AmericaThe Nixon Saga and the first edition of The CIA’s Greatest Hits. The former publisher of the Tucson Comic News, he lives in Tucson with his wife and two children.

ARTHUR NAIMAN (editor) has taught biology to wayward girls in a convent, written ads, and guided boatloads of trusting souls into every rock on several western rivers. His missionary work among the shiksas is legendary.


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