A Girl’s Guide to Personal Hygiene

True Stories, Illustrated

by Tallulah Pomeroy

List Price: $18.95
Paperback | 5.5 x 8.25, 112 pages | ISBN 9781593761820

“It started in the summer when I overheard two girls talking about a friend of theirs. When this friend had been on tour with the rugby team at her university, she’d drunkenly ‘done a shit in the sink.’ ‘Ew, gross,’ one of the girls said to the other. ‘She’s not a girl if she did that. She may have a vagina, but she’s not a girl.’

“I thought that was pretty funny. I wondered how many things I had done that would make me not a girl in their eyes. And what about my girlfriends? I set up a Facebook group to find out what disgusting things everyone had done. It wasn’t just nosiness. I’d realized that most of the pressure women feel to behave in a certain feminine way comes from other women. If we could admit that we are all pretty gross, then maybe the idea of what makes you a girl can change a little.

“The response to the Facebook group was amazing. Once we got going, it turned into this huge repulsive outpouring. At first I almost wished I could close the lid again. There were stories that made defecating in a sink seem like a pretty polite thing to do. But then it turned into something more. We started asking questions—‘Is it just me?!’—and offering helpful hints to each other about things like those new period pants I’ve yet to try. It turned out we really needed this outlet. I decided to illustrate the best stories and make it into a book. I hope it reaches gross girls and neat girls alike, and any boys who still think girls don’t fart.”

—Tallulah Pomeroy

Hilarious and disgusting, it proves what we do behind closed doors (or in the bathroom) isn’t that unique or different from one another. It redefines what it means to be a lady and how it’s stupid that we conform to such standards.

—Sophie Matthews, Women.com

This breezy and hilarious book depicts anecdotes of women and the unmentionable things they love doing with their pubic hair, boogers, bodily fluids, and more—all with the deepest of satisfaction, thanks to illustrator Tallulah Pomeroy’s flagrant images of women going unabashedly wild

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A disgusting, hilarious, and honest book that pays tribute to the female body and all of its habits and suppurations.

—Carmen Maria Machado, author of Her Body and Other Parties

An indelicate, necessary treasure—its gross joys deliver humanizing relief.

—Alissa Nutting, author of Made for Love and Tampa

Hilarious, honest, and entertaining, Tallulah Pomeroy is a talented artist who turns funny AND REAL female hygiene stories into comical illustrations. You will pass this book around at dinner parties like it’s your personal diary.

—Women.com, 1 of 10 Books with Covers So Beautiful You Can Judge Them

This book should be tucked under punch bowls at every debutante ball and bundled with boxes of Girl Scout cookies from here on out.

—Amelia Gray, author of Isadora and Gutshot

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