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When Oliver Bonds loses his toddler son and undergoes intense legal scrutiny over his involvement, grief engulfs him completely. His life is upended, costing Oliver his wife, home, and faith. Three years after his son’s death, Oliver has gravitated to the fringes of society. Once a revered university professor, he now lives in a shack without electricity behind a nail salon and frequents the soup kitchen where he used to volunteer.

It’s only when befriended by Lyle, a bombastic, over-sexed con artist with a passion for conspiracy theories, that Oliver begins to reengage with the world. Inspired by Lyle and a community of eccentrics, Oliver becomes convinced that the Earth is hollow and holds a true Eden. Desperate to find a place where he can escape his past, Oliver chases after the most unlikely of miracles.

With unforgettable characters, wild imagery, and dark humor, Hollow explores the depths of doubt and hope, stretching past grief and into the space where we truly begin to heal.

About the Author

OWEN EGERTON is the author of two novels, The Book of Harold and Everyone Says That at the End of the World, and one story collection, How Best to Avoid Dying. He’s also the writer/director of the psychological horror film Follow. As a screenwriter, Egerton has written for Fox, Disney, and Warner Brothers. His pieces have appeared in The Huffington Post and Salon. He cowrote the creative writing guide This Word Now with his wife, poet Jodi Egerton. Egerton also hosts NPR’s The Write Up.


“A portrait of heartbreak and loss of faith so wretched it may leave readers with raw nerves.” —Kirkus Reviews

Hollow is a work with an animate, vibrant, and awe-inducing core.” —Foreward Reviews

“In Hollow, Owen Egerton has fashioned a heartbreaking, tragic, yet funny novel about a man facing a tragedy that would be, in anyone else’s hands, almost impossible to read, but that, in his hands, is a story difficult to put down.” —Manuel Gonzales, author of The Miniature Wife and Other Stories and The Regional Office is Under Attack!

“I was blown away by Owen Egerton’s achingly beautiful, compulsively readable tale of a man who has lost his son, and himself. Hollow is filled to the brim with wonder and the sadness of being human, and I found myself laughing and tearing up on the same page. This is an adventure story with a tremendous heart. I couldn’t put it down.” —Sarah Hepola author of Blackout: Remembering The Things I Drank To Forget

“I’ve long been a fan of Egerton’s dark, probing, and often hilarious novels, but Hollow takes it to the next level. Egerton has crafted a beautifully strange modern take on the ‘Book of Job’ populated with haunting and hilarious characters worthy of Vonnegut’s best. A meditation on grief and love, Hollow is simultaneously heart wrenching and laugh-out-loud funny.” –Amanda Eyre Ward, author of The Same Sky

“Owen Egerton has always used his abundant comedic gifts to explore serious, complex subjects—e.g., human frailty, faith and morality, love and connection, the funhouse of contemporary American culture—and Hollow is the book in which it All Comes Together, the work of a copiously talented writer at the top of his game. Our protagonist, a contemporary Job buckling under the weight of profound suffering and loss—his own, and that of those who surround him, too—is primed for a hero’s journey that will get him right with the world again. But Hollow is a surprising book, one that eschews the expected, and his journey ends up being very different from the one he—or the reader—expects. There are no easy answers or tidy resolutions, but there’s hard-won grace and a hell of a lot of humor along the way. Egerton can go from dry wit to crushing despair to slapstick dildo-fighting to theological rumination all on the same page, and—here’s the miracle—it works. If you dig what George Saunders does—that big, compassionate bear-hug of sadness, vulnerability, joy, pain, and humor in many forms (cerebral, sweet, goofball, wicked, and pitch-black)—Hollow will hit you right in the sweet spot. Possibly with a dildo.” —Doug Dorst, author of S. and Alive in Necropolis

“With the kind of grace not usually seen in accessible modern fiction, Egerton also invokes many other things with this central metaphor . . . Ollie’s voice is one of the most believable I’ve encountered this year, sustained by honesty, realism, and compassion. In his exile, Ollie has taken stock. His reckoning with the past creates the story’s exquisite tension and makes the final scene bloom with tenderness . . . The core of Hollow is anything but.” —NPR



A serial killer with a penchant for severed hands. A watch that runs backward and forward – at the same time. An Eastern European gangster known only as Rumplestiltskin. The Nazi invasion of Prague, Soviet-era Czech secret police, 16th century alchemy and black magic – mild-mannered American Lee Holloway never thought any of these would intrude upon his ordinary life.

But that was before he received a mysterious letter from a woman named Vera, a cryptic missive implying Lee’s estranged brother Paul, who disappeared years ago in Prague, was actually murdered in an attempt to steal The Rudolf Complication, a priceless watch commissioned by the eccentric Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II, rumored to hold the power of eternal life. When Lee goes to Prague to investigate, his involvement with the enigmatic Vera, as well as the guidance offered from a mysterious travel book, triggers a series of violent and bizarre events that force Lee to confront disturbing truths about his brother as well as himself. Unless Lee can reconstruct the final hours of his brother’s life, and separate truth from myth in this haunted city, he might not get out of Prague alive.

Complication is a twisted, mind-bending, contemporary thrill ride– in the spirit of such mind-bending narratives as House of Leaves and Memento. Set in the dark heart of Europe, a place where old ghosts and ancient legends still walk the streets.

About the Author

ISAAC ADAMSON is the author of Tokyo Suckerpunch and other books in the Billy Chaka mystery series. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two children. He doesn’t own a watch.


“A freshly imagined work, [Complication] boasts clever twists and revelations right up until the end.” —Kirkus

“Adamson’s atmospheric and satisfyingly twisted tale… could easily have collapsed under the weight of its own complexity, but Adamson pulls it off with style and a whopper of a twist.” —Publishers Weekly

Owen Egerton

Owen Egerton C Todd V. WolfsonOWEN EGERTON is the author of two novels, The Book of Harold and Everyone Says That at the End of the World, and one story collection, How Best to Avoid Dying, all published to positive reviews. He’s also the writer/director of the psychological horror film Follow. As a screenwriter Egerton has written for Fox, Disney, and Warner Brothers. His pieces have appeared in the Huffington Post and Salon. He cowrote the creative writing guide This Word Now with his wife, poet Jodi Egerton. Egerton also hosts public radio’s The Write Up. He lives in Austin, Texas.




He is the author of:

How Best to Avoid Dying: Stories
Everyone Says That at the End of the World
The Book of Harold: The Illegitimate Son of God
Hollow: A Novel